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Summer is fast approaching, and it's the time of year when your team may find it difficult to know what to wear. If you don't provide your team with a uniform, you may find that they start to push boundaries in the summer months. Are flip-flops suitable for the office? Is it too hot to wear hi-vis on-site?

The simple answer: provide them with a top to wear. "They don't want a uniform", I hear you say... But do you want to deal with the summer-wear nightmare?

Office Staff

What you can get away with in the office is largely down to the type of industry you work in. Lawyers/solicitors/doctors workplace may require a formal work shirt. A graphic design or trendy IT company can get away with t-shirts. It's all down to your brand! The middle ground is most likely a polo shirt - smart with a collar, but not as stiff as a formal dress shirt. Polos come in loads of different colours, styles & fits - so there really is something for everyone...

Here's the polo shirts we recommend: Polo shirts

Rogers Geotechnical Services provide their staff with polos & hoodies - they look branded, professional, but also approachable when working in the office or out on-site:

Trades On-Site

T-shirts are perfectly acceptable for tradesmen. They are an inexpensive way to ensure your team look the part and wear your brand. The bonus is that t-shirts come in all sorts of materials; cotton, polycotton & moisture wicking - something for everyone!

Here's the t-shirts we recommend: t-shirts

RPW Construction give their team branded T-shirts to wear on-site with the Federation of Master Builders logo displayed proudly on the front:

There are loads of different uniform options available for your team. A uniform makes staff feel as if they belong, and keeps everyone looking neat and tidy!

If you'd like to chat some ideas though, get in touch...

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