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The founder of Amazon famously said,

‘Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not there’.


The bottom line is that everything you do and everything you say all adds up to tell the world who you are. So choose your actions & words wisely. These thoughts & feelings towards your business build up what they think your brand is truly about.

Think about McDonalds for a moment. Imagine you’re walking into your local restaurant. What do you see? What do you smell? Who’s there? What are they wearing?

I bet you can quite clearly see people in your vision? You will remember their uniform, if it was clean or not and what colours it was. You will remember the low lamp shades, the trendy low down chairs and probably the smell of fresh fries.

Now, think about when one of your customers walks into your office or to your place of work. What do they see? What do they smell? Who’s there? What are they wearing?

Are you happy with what you see? What colour is your brand? Can your customer clearly see your brand? Are your employees smart, welcoming and friendly?

Quite often we have beautiful websites, great business cards and a lovey logo – but we don’t give much thought on how we look or how we dress. These actions all contribute to our brand. Some of these things we don’t think we notice but our subconscious mind drinks in everything.

Remember, we make our first judgement of someone within the first 7 seconds.

7 seconds!

The team at SEO CoPilot were going on team building days and needed a smart, but fashionable branded uniform. We presented samples to the team and we decided on the Kustom Kit KK184 slim-fit long sleeve, as the team are slim and tall, the slim-fit was a must. The lads have been happily wearing them ever since, but don't take my word for it, see their article on brand awareness here.

"SEO CoPilot were wanting some new work shirts so we contacted Giraffe Graphics. Rebecca and Chris have been great, very attentive and they care about giving a good service. I would and will highly recommend."

Guy - Director, SEO CoPilot









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