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In beauty, a good dress code ensures your staff look professional and instil confidence from your customers. Whether you work on your own or you manage a big team, uniforms play a big part in your overall branding strategy.

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Here are our five top tips for dressing for success!

1. Start as you mean to go on

When you employ a member of staff, it is important to be clear about your dress code at the beginning. This ensures you avoid any embarrassing clashes with their choice of dress and your brand. If you are providing them with a uniform, ensure you make it clear that it is their responsibility to ensure it is clean, ironed and that they look presentable. It is also a good idea to chat about personal hygiene before you’re willing to let them loose on your clientele.

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2. One size does not fit all

When providing uniforms for your staff, make sure you ask them what size they require and give them the sizes of the item you have chosen. Please ask us for tape measures if necessary. There is nothing more unsightly than bulging buttons, trousers that constantly need pulling up and overhangs to create a bad impression – especially in the beauty industry where the main focus is on looking your best.

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3. Colour is king

When you think of branding you should think; logo, signage, soft furnishings, interiors and all should have a cohesive colour scheme to show professionalism and authority. This also applies to your staff uniform.

Choose a uniform in a colour that compliments your colour scheme. You should choose two or three colours and work them through everything you create for your business to build a strong brand that your clients notice.

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4. Practically perfect in every way

We all like to look good – but we also love to be comfortable! You need to consider the practicality of a uniform; will it hinder anyone’s ability to do their job? What may be suitable for a nail technician who sits at a table may not be suitable for a masseuse who moves around. Diamantes and sparkle may suit some, whereas plain and practise is necessary for others.

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5. Hello my name is

As an extra professional touch, why not get the name of each staff member embroidered onto their uniform? This saves the wonky, pinned on name badges looking untidy but still gives customers the name of their favourite stylists. It also shows to your staff that you are investing in them and consider them to be a permanent member of the team.

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If you need any help dressing for success, please get in touch.

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