We offer two types of garment print:

Vinyl Print

Rolls of coloured vinyl material is fed into a cutting machine and weeded out by hand.

Quality: We use premium quality clothing vinyl which won’t peel, crack or fade if cared for properly.

Care: We print all of our vinyl garments in-house with our semi-automatic heat press.

Colour limitations: We offer a maximum of 3 colours for our vinyl print.

Screen Print

Screen print is ink rolled over a screen with a pattern which is then dried. The ink is applied directly to the garment.

Minimum order: There is a minimum order of 50 items for screen print.

Quality: High quality ink is used meaning the colours are vibrant.

Care: All of our screen-printed items are quality checked by our expert team.


We also offer a range of paper printed stationery and design.


For further details, get in touch with us by either

Emailing your enquiry to: info@giraffe-graphics.co.uk

Or call us during office hours on: 01246 766 770