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Sometimes waterproofs aren't actually waterproof... If you're out on site or dashing to a meeting in the rain, you need to actually keep dry! But do you know what to look for in a waterproof jacket?

How waterproof a coat is will depend on it's waterproof rating. The higher a coat's waterproof rating, the longer the fabric will remain waterproof for.

0 - 1,500mm Water resistant/Snowproof

This bracket includes lightweight windbreakers such as the TS010 or TS011 (below), and even many softshell jackets are water resistant - they will protect you in brief showers.

TS010 Lightweight Jacket -

TS011 Contrast Lightweight Jacket -

R121A Classic Softshell Jacket -

1,500mm - 5,000mm Waterproof

Usually for a coat to fall into this bracket, it will also have taped seams - to ensure water doesn't seep through where the fabric is stitched together. This is the point from which coats are actually defined as being waterproof.

R221M Core Channel Jacket -

5,000mm Very waterproof

Coats with this waterproof rating are designed to withstand moderate to heavy rain for more extended periods of time, and will often feature multiple layers with a fleece or softshell inner to keep the wearer warm, such as the RG085 (below).

RG085 Defender III 3-in-1 Jacket -

RG060 Classic Insulated Jacket -

10,000mm Highly waterproof

Coats with a 10,000mm+ hydrostatic head are serious waterproofs. Designed to withstand heavy rain with fully taped seams, and again, usually multiple layers.

RG191 Kingsley 3-in-1 Jacket -

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