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With so many hoodies to choose from, which is the right one for you?

Basic hoodie

Our basic hoodie is by Pro RTX, a new kid on the block which is a range of clothing designed for workwear. These hoodies have been very successful & they wash well, but they are currently only available in navy blue or black.

Pro RTX Hoodie -

Everyday Hoodies

These are our 2 most popular everyday hoodies...

Both have very similar material, weight, style & they are around the same price point! AWD offers 60 colours, whereas Gildan only offers 37 colours.

Our groups & clubs tend to go for the AWD hoodie on the basis of the extensive colour choice, but the majority of our clients choose the Gildan hoodie.

Gildan GD057 -

AWD JH001 -

Premium hoodies

This Russell hoodie feels thick & luxurious. This hoodie matches up to the quality of designer brands. It comes in 13 colours. This hoodie contains less polyester than the Pro RTX, Gildan or AWD hoodies, so extensive washing may lead to the black hoodie fading over time, most clients choose the Convoy Grey colour - which is fine. 

Russell - J265M -

The wild card

Everyone likes something a little different with 53 different colour combinations, these hoodies can really make your brand stand out with the contrast hood & toggles.

AWD - JH003 -

Hoodies that zip up

Zip up hoodies, love them or hate them! They are very useful when you've just done your hair! All 3 of our hoodie brands, Gildan, AWD & Russell also do a zipped version.

Gildan - GD058 -

AWD - JH050 -

Russell - J266M -

The hoodie that's not a hoodie...

Lots of tradesmen don't like the classic hoodie because of the front pouch; it sometimes gets caught! So here's the perfect solution...a full zip jacket with no hood! The same material as a hoodie, but without the pouch & hood. The best bit? All 3 of our favourite hoodie brands have their own...

Gildan - GD062 -

AWD - JH047 -

Russell - J267M -

A few of our favourite client photos...

Logan Clark in action wearing his Gildan GD057 hoodie

Spen Valley Air Cadets Proudly Showing Off their Gildan GD058 Zip Up Hoodies

The team at Milestone Builders are working hard in their Russell J265M hoodies.

Still undecided? We have samples of hoodies in our showroom, make an appointment & come down!

If you need any help or if you have any questions, get in touch:

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