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A question I get asked reguarly is should I purchase a fleece or a softshell jacket? Fleeces were very popular in the 80's but are they now out of fashion? In this blog I'm going to compare the Regatta classic fleece with the Result Printable softshell jacket. 

But first, if you've not seen my video on the topic - take a look...

Which is made from the best material?

Both fleeces & softshell jackets are made from polyester, which is great for keeping the colour & shape of garments. A fleece has a textured feel which is bumpy whereas a softshell jacket is fleece-like inside, but smooth on the outside. They will both keep you warm, but the light softshell will keep light rain off you, whereas the fleece will get wet quicker. Sometimes fleeces are thicker which makes you think they are warmer.

Heavier softshell jackets such as this Result Premium softshell jacket is much heavier, waterproof, windproof & has a microfibre inner to keep you super toasty warm.


Which is best for embroidery? 

A fleece jacket has lots of little bumps, which means the embroidery has to weave in & out of those bumps, which doesn't make the emroidery as crisp as it looks on a smooth softshell. This is one of the main reasons to choose a softshell jacket for your work uniform.

Which is more fashionable?

There is no doubt that the softshell outsells the fleece & a softshell can be used by many different industries. You can pop a softshell jacket over a suit if you work in the building industry or work as a car salesman, can you do the same with a fleece? Not really. However, we do find that our car garages really like the fleece when working in the workshops. The working wardrobe is certainly more casual than previous years where people wore traditional suits more. A softshell jacket is basically a posh fleece.

What about price?

An important factor! Today, the Result Core softshell jacket is £6.40 more then the Regatta fleece. It's worth thinking about how long both will last. Fleeces will start to pill after washing over a period of time. Some people just love the classic fleece, it's warm & cosy!


Still undecided? We have samples of softshells & fleeces in our office, make an appointment & come down!

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