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Do I have a stalker? The office phone rang and the man said "Were you in Tesco last night?" I was slightly concerned... Turned out he saw our branded Giraffe Graphics van in the car park and needed some new workwear...

Tradesmen who work in the domestic market work on busy streets with nosey neighbours... If you're a plumber & you're working on Mrs Smith's boiler, chances are Mrs Jones will be looking out of her window at your van. If Mrs Jones also needs a plumber, how will she know you're a plumber if your van doesn't tell her?

Are you missing out on potential customers? That's cold hard cash! 

The price of vehicle graphics for a van can be just 1/2 a days wage for some of our customers, but can bring in lots of days work for the rest of the van's life.

The Solution 

Make sure your brand is represented on your vehicle! Be sure to include some way for potential clients to contact you... If you're driving round in a blank van, you're missing out on very cost-effective advertisement, and as a result, a potentially vast amount of work!

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