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From the golden arches of McDonald's, to the semi-eaten apple of... Apple. There's a reason some brands are instantly recognisable, and there's a reason (or a few) that you're struggling with your brand identity. 

Here's our top three tips:

1 - Know your company

Be certain that you (and any of your staff team) could fully, and succinctly define your business given the opportunity. Identify your target market, your values, your area of expertise etc. These will all inform your future brand decisions.

2 - Develop an appropriate brand

Ensure your logo, brand colours, icons and fonts all correspond with the definition of your business. Think carefully about your target market! It’s easy to rush towards a sleek, modern and minimalist look in order to keep up with design trends, but if your service or product is associated with a more traditional aesthetic, find a way to incorporate this, in a fresh way.

3 - Be consistent

Here at Giraffe Graphics we stress this point an awful lot: the key to a professional image (which ultimately wins you more business) is consistency. The application of this is simple… Stick to your identified brand colours, fonts etc. Ensure you have the correct logo file types in order to display your brand in any medium and at any size. Provide in-brand uniform for your entire staff team, whether there’s two of you, or two thousand of you – this will also become a key factor in developing a team identity, and a sense of belonging and unity amongst you and your staff.

These are just a few quick points we have found to be important to remember if you’re trying to build and maintain a professional image, and at Giraffe Graphics, we’re passionate about this… And our products and services reflect it! From logo design, to print and workwear – we’ll supply a key to success: consistency. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

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