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Are you wasting money on staff uniform?

Have you provided your team with smart polo shirts, jumpers, hoodies, jackets - the works for your staff? 

And then... They go onto site, they get a bit cold & they plonk a non-branded, mucky beanie hat on their heads....

It's the small details that can make or break the entire look of your team!

The Solution

Embroidered beanie hats are a low cost way of showing your staff you care about them & ensuring that they are completely branded.

We lose a lot of body heat from our head, so ensuring your staff are wearing a beanie hat might make them a little happier on site!

The Options

They are loads of different beanie hats to choose from:

Basic cuffed beanie hat

Two tone beanie hat

Pom pom beanie hat


Whichever beanie hat you choose it has to be embroidered, not printed. 

They're machine-washable and are a great addition to your staff uniform. 

And for an extra branded touch, we always recommend our branded folders - perfect for meetings and when you're out and about quoting!

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