Going to a network meeting can be pretty daunting, make sure you're prepared with our 5 top tips:

1 - If you strike a fantastic conversation with a potential client or contact, you're going to need to give them a business card. Make sure you're proud of your business cards, ensure the paperstock of the card is a decent quality, I'd always aim for 350+ GSM, a matt laminated finish always looks professional and ALWAYS make sure they're double sided. Include key details such as; company logo, your name, contact telephone number & email address.

We offer a fantastic starter business card pack...

2 - Make sure you've rehersed your elevator pitch. Quite simply, an elevator pitch is just 1 minute to tell the room what you do, keep it quick, concise & memorable.

3 - Think about what you're going to wear to your network meeting, is it a shirt & tie event or is is a more casual affair, when a polo shirt is more acceptable? If you're opting for a polo shirt, think about having it embrodiered with your company logo on. It helps to break the ice as people can read your logo as they're taking to you, it also helps people identify you from a crowd.

Our Asquith & Fox polos with a tipped collar are perfect for teaming with chinos for a smart casual look: 

4 - Don't forget to bring a notepad & pen to make notes! There's nothing worse than a potential client talking about an order & you have nowhere to make those notes!

Our clients love these branded portfolios: 


5 - Enjoy yourself, be proud of your business & what you offer. Most importantly - smile!

If you've got any questions about the above - get in touch!