Our Awesome Team


A headshot of Rebecca


Tea Drinker

Rebecca is the friendly face and Director of Giraffe Graphics. Her thing is customer service, outreach and communications.

Rebecca gives her honest opinion when it comes to marketing and design. She is the best person to give advice on workwear, and always puts the kettle on for visitors! 


A headshot of Chris


Coffee Drinker

Chris is the graphic design guru, ‘tech guy’ and Operations Director.

Chris is passionate about what he does and has exceptional attention to detail. He works hard on all of our projects.


A headshot of Joe


Tea & Coffee Maker

Joe is our Graphic Designer here at Giraffe Graphics.

He has a keen eye for keeping designs fresh and relevant, and is a natural when it comes to social media and marketing!


Head of Security

Max is the Head of Security here at Giraffe Graphics and is always on patrol.

He is passionate about barking, tummy rubs, treats, and pussycats.