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Logo Design

First impressions matter.
Get yours right with a unique custom logo.

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Clothing & Workwear

Distinctive, well-designed and
comfortable clothing to smarten up your image.

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Vehicle Graphics

Effortless advertising with maximum impact.
Vinyl stickers, graphics and magnets for any vehicle.

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Graphic Design

Make sure you stand out! Our expertise
can put you head and shoulders above the rest.

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An eye-catching sign commands attention.
Indoor and outdoor signage design.

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Increase customer confidence with high quality,
professional stationery and promotional literature.

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Our Awesome Team

A headshot of Rebecca


Coffee Maker

Rebecca is the friendly face and co-director of Giraffe Graphics LTD. Her thing is customer service, outreach and communications.

Rebecca uses her marketing and business know-how to give back to the local community. She is a member of the Rotary club, regularly speaks in local schools and produces a show on local Spire Radio – she’s a woman of many talents!

A headshot of Chris


Coffee Drinker

Chris and Rebecca go back a long way – they met at nursery and went to the same primary school! Chris is the graphic design guru, ‘tech guy’ and co-director of Giraffe Graphics LTD.

Chris is passionate about what he does and has exceptional attention to detail. He works hard on all of our projects. His party trick is that he can look at something and tell you the font!


  • Chesterfield Graphic Design, Print & Embroidery Specialists

    24th July 2015

    The start of something special!

    We wanted to help new businesses with a complete starter package to get them off the ground. Due to our graphic design business background, we were approached by Chesterfield College and Giraffe Graphics was born.

  • January 2016

    Dillon is born

    Our giraffe mascot, Dillon, was born to join the adventures - isn’t he adorable? Dillon goes to networking events with Rebecca and he’s a great brand ambassador!

  • Chesterfield Graphic Design, Print & Embroidery Specialists

    6th April 2016

    Giraffe Graphics went limited!

    In April, we became a limited company. Apart from giving us some smart new letters after our name, this was a huge achievement for the business.

  • 29th June 2016

    Chesterfield Rotary Club

    We joined Chesterfield Rotary Club to support and represent local business, as well as helping to make our Chesterfield community a better place for everyone.

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